Tuesday, April 26, 2016


The Lord has heard my cry and has answered the deepest desire of my heart! We are expecting our first miracle baby in December!!! We have only told family and close friends of our news, so we're letting you in our our best kept secret.. I have written all about our journey through longing and pain, and now I thought you who have followed our journey from our darkest day should know of the joy from our happiest and the fears I have faced since finding out. Also, in hopes that our journey would give other couples hope for the future. There is hope! Our God has a plan!

We get so used to this roller coaster ride that when something good happens, you feel like there is a train coming right around the corner to knock the breath out of you. This time around there was no special surprise for my husband, there was just a test and tears. I will never forget that day. For three weeks I went in for blood work to make sure my levels were continuing to rise and each time I just knew that I was going to get a dreadful call about how my levels were too low. Each and every time I got the call it was GOOD news for a change which is something we grow unaccustomed to in the infertility world. There were tears of joy and happiness after each of those calls. I have to admit that the first few weeks I was just trying to prepare myself for whatever bad was going to come. The nurse had scheduled my first ultrasound and I think I was more nervous than excited. The day before my first appointment came and I just couldn't stop crying that night from just being scared of what was to come. I was afraid. Even though the Lord tells us many MANY times in the bible.."Do not be afraid....Do not fear...." I was. I prayed so hard that night. I prayed for peace. I prayed for whatever was going to happen the next day that the Lord just prepare me and to let me know that He is still in control. I probably even prayed in my sleep that night. The next morning on our way to Birmingham, I felt good! I was at peace and I was excited....until we got there. When I get really nervous or upset I always start to shiver. I was so cold..but I wasn't. When my nurse said, "It's ok, you can relax everything looks great!" The tears came. And came and came. I probably cried during my whole appointment. We got to see our little peanut for the first time! Oh what joy! We also were able to see and hear that little heartbeat. Praise Jesus for a heartbeat!!!! I look up at my husband when that little sound came over the speakers and saw the tears streaming down his face as well. Oh, I can't describe to you that moment. I will be 8 weeks tomorrow and go back for my first actual OB appointment on Thursday. Please keep us in your prayers and pray that we have a safe pregnancy and for a healthy and strong baby come December.

 I have prayed for all of you women that long to be mothers! You will get that moment too! Your time is coming!! Praise God that He is faithful!