Monday, November 7, 2016

Catching up

It has been a while since my last post - so let's catch up! After my last post we completed IUI #4, which also failed. I wasn't as hormonal that month and I think that the injections had a lot to do with it. (I've heard they don't make you as crazy as clomid) During this cycle my nurses mentioned some options to me if IUI #4 was unsuccessful. Option number one was that I could be referred to an RE and begin further treatment with them or I could have an exploratory laparoscopic surgery done to check for any abnormalities with my reproductive organs, such as scaring or endometriosis. I opted for the surgery because I figured if I was referred to an RE that the surgery would be the first thing they would do anyways and why not do it with my doctor that I already know and absolutely love? My lapy was done almost two weeks ago now and while under anesthesia my doctor also went ahead and completed another dye test on my tubes. The lapy showed that I did indeed have some mild endometriosis that she burned out, but everything else along with my tubes were normal. Praise Jesus! We are praying that this is just another step in the right direction and that maybe, just maybe burning out that endometriosis will help us conceive. I go for my follow up appointment to make sure everything is healing properly on Thursday. I should also begin another cycle this week, so we'll start medications back up then, since I had to skip a cycle to do the lapy.