Our Journey

I am 25 and happily married to my high school sweetie! We are on our 4th year of marriage and have been ttc our first sweet baby for about two years now. This blog is a way for me to share about my experiences with infertility, and be able to put my thoughts down and a place where I can look back in the future and see God's plan played out. My hopes are to connect with other women who are on a similar journey. For a long time there were only a few that knew of our TTC process, but after the last miscarriage, I have cared less about keeping it a "secret".In August 2014, my husband and I decided we were ready to begin trying to have our first baby. Now almost two years later, many shots, blood draws, hormones, tests, HPT's, 2  IUI's, much heartache and two miscarriages later - still no baby. Infertility was something that had never even crossed my mind. Much like many of you, I always thought when I was ready I would have one- for some people maybe, but that isn't my story. Please follow along on this journey with me and feel free to comment and share your journey with me as well! 


  1. I found you via LFCA. Stopped and said a prayer for you and your family. There is hope.