Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Giving Him the Glory

Over the past year and a half God has been working in my life. Not only has He been working in my life but my husband's as well. Through all of our waiting God has been restoring our relationship with Him and even though we will never be able to fully understand the magnitude of our creator and His will, I know that this has all been a part of His plan. I was raised in church and grew up around the stories of Jesus. I was baptized at a young age, but just didn't fully understand the decision I had made. I was involved in youth group at our church and attended many trips. My husband attended church occasionally growing up but wasn't raised around the word of God as much as I was. He was also baptized at a young age, not understanding the reason or meaning behind it. I have always known about Jesus and believed in Him, but I have never surrendered my life over to Him and trusted Him completely until recently. I have lived for this world and myself. Have we suffered? Yes. But, I think God has allowed our suffering so that we would be in complete dependence on Him. Jesus wants us focused on Him, not ourselves. We know that if God were to have given us a child right away, our relationship with Him wouldn't be what it is now. So for that aspect, we are grateful for this journey. This Sunday the hubs and I will be baptized in our church. Praising our father in heaven for the security of knowing that my true love on this earth will join me in eternity one day!!

Yesterday we went for another doctor's appointment to check my estrogen level and to see if my follicles were maturing eggs correctly and to see if it was almost time for me to ovulate, so I could take the trigger shot. I had three eggs that were close to being completely mature, but just wasn't quite ready yet. My estrogen was also low - only in the 100's. For a good ovulation cycle they want my estrogen to be above 300, so they wanted to give my eggs a couple more days to mature. I will go back again tomorrow for another ultrasound to check my eggs and blood test to check my estrogen. Praying specifically that all three of those eggs are completely matured and ready for ovulation and that my estrogen rises to the level it needs to be in order to administer the trigger shot.

The steadfast love of the 
Lord never ceases
his mercies
never come to an end;
they are new every morning;
Great Is Your Faithfulness

Isaiah 40:31

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  1. I love those verses from Isaiah! So true that our struggles lead to dependence on Him. I love how you put that. Praying for a great doctors appointment tomorrow ... hugs!