Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Not what I'd hoped for.

I went back for another ultrasound (if only it was the type where they rubbed cold bloop on my belly) and blood work last Wednesday to check on my estrogen level and the maturity of my eggs. I had one fully mature egg, but sadly my estrogen wasn't at the level they wanted it to be. So, no trigger shot again this month. This doesn't necessarily mean that I can't get pregnant this month, but was looking forward to trying something new in hopes of getting my hormones where they need to be. I was pretty bummed - but I know that if the Lord's plan is for me to get pregnant this month that some measly little shot isn't going to impact that. If this month isn't a part of His plan then I will wait and continue to praise Him. But for now- another 2 week wait. I am scheduled for more blood work this Friday to check my Progesterone to be able to tell if and how well I ovulated. Praying specifically that my progesterone will be where it needs to be!

After your season of suffering,
God in all His grace
will restore, confirm,
strengthen and establish you.

1 Peter 5:10

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