Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Let's try something different

IUI attempt #3 was a failure. My emotions have been running wild the past couple of weeks and I have been beyond hormonal this time around. I try to stay positive, but sometimes you just have those down right ugly days. I've had quite a few of those this past week. Its that time in the cycle of emotions, at the beginning of another cycle that you try to have hope again and say "We can do this." and We can get through this.". This cycle we are starting some new medication. We have started 50 mg of Clomid and will take that for a total of 5 days and will begin follistim injections on the 6th day and complete those each day until I ovulate. We may also do another IUI this cycle, but I haven't quite made that decision yet. Just praying for peace this cycle and for that baby we know the Lord has planned for us.

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