Thursday, September 1, 2016

Pushing forward

I was told by my nurse that my last cycle was "perfect". Hmm.. perfect for me would have meant that I was pregnant, but I'm not. However, on a positive note my estrogen and progesterone were the best they've been since I started medication a year ago. I was also the most hormonal, crying mess of a woman too. There were days where I could have bitten someone's head off for no reason and other days where I cried off and on all day. Again, for no reason. I know my husband must have thought I hitched a ride on the crazy train. Because my levels were so good on the 150 mg of clomid, we are trying it one more cycle. Next week we will hopefully have another IUI done, in hopes that we will get pregnant with our take home baby. If not, I will move on to more extensive drugs and exploratory laparoscopic surgery. Praying those won't be needed and our dreams of being parents become our reality.

"Thy will be done."

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